We Burst Into Colors And Carrousels
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11th September 2014
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Anonymous: hey mr. hank, in your mcdonald's speech, you forgot to also mention that mcdonald's food also extra chemicals put in their food, making them genetically modified into certain ways that are harmful to the body and also their meat is less than 50% real meat, i forgot the percentage


None of these things are true. You don’t put chemicals into something in order to genetically modify it. Genetic modification happens in laboratories when genes from one organism are inserted into another. We all eat genetically modified crops daily (at least if you live in the US.)

And yes, you might eat some GM wheat if you go to McDonald’s. But also you will likely eat GM wheat if you buy bread at the store or go to any restaurant that serves sandwiches.

McDonald’s beef contains three ingredients, beef, salt, and pepper. I mean, I can’t really believe I’m defending McDonald’s right now. I don’t think they’re, like, /good/. I just don’t understand why people think it’s worse for you than a comparable hamburger from anywhere else.



Instead of leaking celebrity photos we could leak pdf versions of college textbooks? Idk just an idea

and solution manuals


Though you need a little iodized halite in your diet to prevent goiters.



This gets on my nerves so much you have no idea.



Patrick Stump wishing you a happy birthday
-monumentour, chicago




i cant believe blues clues finally got its own anime